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Grace and peace.

Today we announce the creation of a Fifth Seal podcast to augment our blog.  We have submitted the podcast to the Apple iTunes Store for approval.  Please pray for the Lord Jesus’ will to be done in this regard.

Your Servant in Christ Jesus,

The Still Man

Update: The iTunes Store has approved The Fifth Seal podcast.  You may subscribe by clicking here:

Be encouraged and look up, for your redemption draweth nigh.


Muslim Beheads Two Coptic “Christians” in New Jersey



Grace and peace, Saints.

Christian persecution is increasing in America, as this latest incident proves.  You can read the original story here.


Muslims Stone Christian Evangelists in Michigan

I found this video today.  I wasn’t even aware this had happened.  To my knowledge, none of the mainline media outlets covered it, and this is no wonder: the media hates Christianity.

Apparently, so do many “Americans.”!

America, the formerly Christian nation, is fast becoming one of the most Christian-unfriendly nations in the world, thanks to our embracing and granting citizenship and other privileges to many who hate our God, while loving our liberties.

The term “American” no longer carries the same connotation it once did.  It now merely means “one who holds an American passport and/or was born in America.”  How tragic.

This is a chilling portent of the future, Saints.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

The Still Man


Welcome to The Fifth Seal

Grace and peace, believers.

This blog will highlight the visible and invisible persecution of Christians that is often not reported in the media, using various media outlets. 

However, in that all established media outlets are 100% owned, operated, and/or funded by the very institution that is ultimately responsible for persecuting the Christian Church, from time to time we may lend our perspective on certain events to either highlight their prophetic importance, or to refute the spin that the media often puts on events to downplay their significance.

We pray that through our efforts the body of Christ will better appreciate the sufferings and sacrifices of countless nameless and faceless believers who are paying the ultimate price for their witness of Jesus and for the testimony that they hold.  We also pray that the Household of Faith will begin to prepare their own hearts for the day when we will also be called to pay the uttermost farthing.